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Mike Ghiglia is the Founder/Director of STS Ministries.  When not "fishing for men" he can be found fly fishing for wild trout in Idaho and Montana.

"One of the more unique aspects of this apologetics ministry is our commitment to the discipleship of biblical Christians.  Teaching core LDS doctrine is a mere spin-off of plumbing the depths of biblical Scripture and reshaping our attitudes to mirror those of Jesus Christ."

Erika Ghiglia is a Graphic Designer for STS Ministries.  She hails from Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico and is Mike's full-time partner in life and ministry.

"As a graphic designer I know the value of an appealing image.  It saddens me to see the LDS Church use the image of Christ, which is so appealing, and change the doctrine of Christ so that it is no longer biblical." 

Carla Parker is STS Senior Administrative/Research Assistant and Intercessor and has been with Share the Son since 2007.  She has been a life-long student of the Word of God and is called to prayer and worship ministry.  She takes great delight in serving the King of kings.

"It is my firm belief that most of our battles as Christians are won in the prayer closet.  I am called to pray that STS will be used to bring the Truth to the LDS church -- that they will be rescued from deception and brought into the marvelous Light of Jesus Christ, one soul at a time, and also from the top down!"

Our Senior Graphic Artist, "John R.," joined STS in 2012.  He has corporate-level experience as a senior graphic artist/designer.  John is committed to sharing the Gospel in a personal, Christ-honoring way.

"Jesus Christ was once asked where he obtained the authority to teach.  Regrettably many of our LDS friends believe we need an earthly authority through which we channel our faith.  Jesus said, 'I am the way.'  I pray that all people will place their faith solely in Jesus Christ and not in a man-made entity."

Paul Whittington has been Senior Teacher/Presenter and computer guru for STS Ministries since 2001.  He is also Chief Architect for McAfee which specializes in intrusion prevention systems (IPS).  When it comes to a zany sense of humor, Paul is in a class all his own.  Paul is a perennial Leader for Community Bible Study.

"Praise God for His precious gift of grace!  A gift that everyone needs to appreciate and accept!  A gift that most LDS folks don't realize is available!"

Patricia Whittington joined the STS staff as a Teacher/Presenter and Translator in 2001.  She is office manager and a technical writer for McAfee.  Patricia was raised in Peru and is fluent in Spanish. Her mother was a missionary for the Methodist church and so "the apple didn't fall too far from the tree." 

"My desire to share my faith with Latter-day Saints literally 'took off' once I became aware of the incredible evidence for the Bible.  To have a faith that is founded on fact is a great comfort to me and a powerful witness to others."

Professional Photo by Amanda Henderson

James and Charity Hallmark are Teachers/Presenters and "Strategies" class Group Leaders, respectively, for STS Ministries, and have been on board since 2007. James is an engineer for the Idaho National Laboratory.  Charity is a Registered Dietitian and the mother of three children.  James and Charity have been used of the LORD in an incredible way to open their home to and dialog with LDS missionaries.

"We are thankful to God for the opportunities He has provided for us to share our faith with LDS missionaries and friends and we want to help others be productive in fulfilling the Great Commission."

Dave Hackley joined STS Ministries in 2011 as a Teacher/Presenter.  Dave and his wife, Debbie, moved to Idaho Falls from Grand Junction, CO a few years ago following Dave's retirement from State Farm Insurance as a fire and casualty adjuster.  Dave is an avid fly fisherman and spends as much time as he can on the local lakes and rivers.  He has also developed a passion for reaching out to LDS and helping fellow Bible-believing Christians to do the same.

"I thought I retired to pursue my passion of fly fishing for trout in Idaho and Montana.  However, it seems God had additional plans, and He continues to prepare me (through STS Ministries) to share my faith with Latter-day Saints."

Joel Peterson has been a Guest Speaker for STS Ministries since 2006.  He is also a highly sought-after personal fitness trainer for the Apple Athletic Club.  Joel was a faithful Mormon for 33 years and held many positions of authority in the LDS Church, the highest of which was Elders Quorum President.  Joel became a "born again" Christian in 1984 and has one of the most powerful testimonies you will ever hear.  He feels a particular calling by God to help Evangelicals effectively share the true Gospel of Christ with Latter-day Saints.  

"I am convinced that you, the reader and witness, will one day be in Heaven where someone you've never seen will approach you, throw their arms around you and say, ?Thank you so much!  You witnessed to my grandmother when she was a young Mormon woman.  Because of you our entire family was saved.'" 

Dr. Ken Parker is a Guest Speaker for STS Ministries, and has been with us since 2006.  He and his wife Debbie pastored Covenant Bible Church in St. Anthony, Idaho for many years before moving to Bozeman, Montana.  Ken's passion for reaching out to Latter-day Saints is unrivaled, and he takes great pleasure in sharing his "tools of the trade" with our M2M missionaries.

"One cannot have salvation without the objective truth of the Bible.  Today, many are exchanging the truth of God for relativism. Instead of practicing good study habits, people are guessing at the interpretation of Scripture.  The context of the passage does matter!"

    But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.  (1 Peter 3:15 NIV)

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